World of Goo(d) (part2)

Finally, the special offer “Pay-What-You-Want” to get World of Goo is over and 2D Boy has just released its last results. The first thing that the authors noticed is the fact people gave a little more money the day after they published their first results. If we don’t allow the randomness factor in this change, we can believe people felt guilty about paying less than 0.30$ (remember, they did’nt get anything under 0.31$ because of Paypal fees. You can still read my last post about it).

2D Boy also published details about customers OS and how much each group paid (Linux groups are the most generous). One element that makes me happy is the last board they published about customers country. I was very surprised to saw that french people was in second position in the list of the best average payments done during this special offer. Of course, it is just a mean and without more details informations (such as standard deviation) we can not properly estimate how these payments have been mathematically distributed, but this is the only indicator we get. The first three countries at the top of the list are Switzerland, France and Norway, while the last three countries are Lithuania, South Korea and Turkey.

List by country

For fun, I have estimated the average payment done by European Union countries gathering each one mentioned in this board (only 18 countries on 27). The result is: 2,42$. Of course, according to the lack of more accurate numbers on these sale, this is not very reliable.

One more time, I would have love to get more precise results about the sales, such as how many units have been sold for each country (it would have been more relevant than the “per capita GDP” in order to estimate the “generosity” of people), or even about the whole sale. Why 2D Boy didn’t announced the final amount of unit they sold at the end of this special offer ? Is it just an omission ? We will probably not know since they wrote they will “never say another word about this ever again”. That’’s too bad…

But seriously, I would love to have an access to these entire datas in order to make more accurate analysis. I bet it could be very useful for the game studies field.

Anyway, thank to the authors for these nice information release !

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